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The Beginning...

The beginning of my transformation occurred at the lowest point in my life. In October 2008, after 8 years of battling a life threatening illness that conventional medicine could not fix, my health had declined to a point of debilitation. Unable to work any longer and needing assistance to get through each day,  I lost not only my physical health, but ... myself. Somewhere along the way, I realized that in order to get better, I had to change ... everything.


For years, it took every ounce of strength I did not have to launch a worldwide search for holistic solutions. It is through this quest and subsequent findings that I became empowered. And it is this awakening that has led me to fulfill my God given purpose to help others.

Because of my own journey, I was armed with knowledge that you simply cannot derive from textbooks. It involved years of research, medical contacts, patient contacts, and most of all, personal experience. In addition, my role as advocate to many in the chronic illness community further equipped me with tools to be both understanding of and compassionate for others' struggles.  


The final tool I needed in my chest was a formal education in this field. The moment I enrolled in Holistic Health and Wellness courses I knew had it . A remarkable new door opened. I began to attract opportunities that were in line with my attitude and my desires, a trend that continues to this day.  And there is certainly no shortage of folks like I was, who are struggling with where they are in life and just need someone to open some doors for them too, without having to go through a huge learning curve to get there. 

That's where I come in. 


I use my years of experience and training to find out where you are struggling or where you want to improve, and will then customize a program that will help you get on track. From your first day forward, you will no longer be on your own, groping in the dark for answers. We will work together to achieve your goals. If it's better physical health you want, we will explore the best ways for you to achieve that. If it's your mental attitude that is stifling you, we will look at how to enhance it. If your weight is an issue, let's get you on a plan to stop the cycle. If it's better relationships you seek, we will explore how to have them. And if something is holding you back from being the best you, we will figure out what it is and change it. 


I have gone from despising my trials to embracing them. From dreading life to loving it.  I want the same for you. And with that objective in mind, I will make you this promise: I will give you my all. I will treat you as if you are my only client. I will devote as much time and effort as is needed to help you realize your full potential. All I ask for in return is your same commitment and effort.


So what are you waiting for? Contact me today for a free consult, and let's get  started on this new and better you!


Blessings and Love!

​Jennifer Navara

Free Consultation
30 min
Free Consultation

The Institute For Integrative Nutrition

If you want to know more about this amazing institute, their classes or the amazing training I got there, then click here

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