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Join Me For Breathwork

Contraindications for Breathwork 

It’s recommended that you consult with your healthcare provider (including any mental health provider) and consult with your Breathwork practitioner before practicing any form of Breathwork.


Following is a list of some of the most common contraindications for Breathwork:


  • Cardiovascular problems 

  • High or abnormal blood pressure

  • History of aneurysms

  • Epilepsy or history of seizures

  • Anyone on heavy medication

  • Severe psychiatric symptoms, particularly psychosis or paranoia

  • Bipolar depression

  • Osteoporosis

  • Recent surgery

  • Glaucoma

  • Pregnancy

  • An active addiction

  • Any person with mental illness who isn’t in treatment or lacks adequate support


Breathwork can result in intense physical and emotional release. Therefore, it is not advised for persons with a history of cardiovascular disease, including angina or heart attack, high blood pressure, glaucoma, retinal detachment, osteoporosis, any significant recent physical injuries or surgeries. Breathwork is not advised for persons with severe mental illness or seizure disorders, or for a persons using major medications. It is also unsuitable for anyone with a personal or family history of aneurysms. Pregnant women are advised against practicing Breathwork without first consulting and getting approval from, their primary care physician. Persons with asthma should bring their inhaler and consult with their primary care physician, and the Breathwork facilitator before the first session.

How to Set Up Your Space for The Breathwork Class

1. Download the Zoom app to your computer or device if you don’t already have it installed. Please make sure the app is up to date. 

2. Set up your computer so that it’s next to your space. Headphones are ideal if you’re solo. If you’re doing it with other people, (in the case of a Live Group Class) I suggest connecting to external speakers if you have them. For the best experience please make sure that you are in a room with the best Internet connection speeds. 

3. If this is your first time doing Breathwork, I suggest setting up the computer so I can see you from the waist up when you’re lying down. Have the light on in the room so I can see if you’re doing the breathing technique correctly. You can turn the camera off if you feel more comfortable. Also, if your internet connection is bad, turning the camera off may help.

4. If joining me for a Live Group Breathwork Class, please write your name and your location in your Zoom box. It’s inspiring to connect and do this with people all over the planet.

5. Set up a yoga mat, blanket or whatever you feel may help you relax most. 

6. An eye mask, eye pillow, or facecloth to cover your eyes is really helpful for a lot of people to help let go and fully experience the session. 

7. It’s ideal to do Breathwork when your stomach is not too full, so I suggest not eating anything at least two hours prior to the session if possible. It still works if you’ve eaten, it just seems to be more powerful on an empty stomach. 


Looking forward to connecting with you! 

Liability Waiver

Please download, sign and return to me.

Please fill out the following form in order to participate in our Breathwork session.

Do you have any of the conditions that are listed in the contraindications?

Thank you! I look forward to seeing you in class!

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