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Spring Cleaning…and I Don’t Mean Just Dust Bunnies!

Have you ever been around someone who almost instantly drains you of any energy or positivity that you are feeling? Have you ever felt it in your gut that this someone wasn't so good for you to associate with whether you wanted to admit it to yourself or not? Come on…think about it. That person or those people who came to mind just now…those are the people who are creating a toxic environment for your heart and soul and we all know that toxicity only leads to negativity and a very unhappy and unhealthy life.

It’s almost Spring and new beginnings are sprouting up everywhere, but that doesn't mean that the only new beginnings need to happen in nature…they can happen in your life too! A little too cliché for you? Perhaps, but I am keeping it real because making yourself a priority and setting healthy boundaries is extremely important if you want complete health and happiness. It just is. Easier said than done? Not really the case if you value your health and happiness. That used to be my biggest excuse when I was undervaluing myself and overvaluing what others wanted or what they thought of me. But I am learning and part of that learning process is letting go of people and relationships that poison my spirit.

So how do I have the nerve to talk about this with such passion, persistence and gusto? Because I have personally experienced the aftermath of these types of relationships whether it be friends, family, or a romantic partner. I have gone from happy and positive, to physically ill and emotionally drained from hanging on to these connections out of a feeling of obligation, guilt, or not wanting to hurt someone else’s feelings while in turn, risking my very existence. And nothing is worth that. Nothing.

Is it easy to let go of these relationships? Easy, no. Possible, yes…very. It is very simple to figure out if a connection is toxic by how you feel in their presence or when in communication with them. Does their energy make you feel vibrant and energetic or do you feel drained and down? Does their presence add to your life or does it only take away? Do you feel supported and encouraged or do you feel a sense of dread much like you are drowning? Deep down you know what is good for your wellbeing and what is bad by how you FEEL. Your body always tells you but you have to listen and take responsibility for your higher good and let go of what isn't helping you grow and thrive.

So back to the dust bunnies. When it’s time to open up the windows and air out the house, clean the closets and cabinets and make sure that all those little balls of dust are cleared out of the corners and from under the couches….take a quick inventory of the people you are surrounding yourself with and those that you devote so much time and energy to, and ask yourself if you need to do some reorganizing as far as your own needs are concerned. Is there a little Spring cleaning that needs to be done here? If so, there is no time like the present to make your health and happiness a priority and I am here to help if you need a gentle nudge. You are worth it…I promise!

Love and Blessings,

Jennifer Navara

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