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Nevertheless, She Persisted

Having a chronic illness since childhood, (I’m actually thinking back to as far as my memory will allow) is a really long time to not feel well or to not be healthy. Doctor after doctor and diagnosis after diagnosis is one of the most exhausting experiences both physically and emotionally and certainly does a number on your mindset. It quickly sends you into a negative rollercoaster which in turn only sends you down a more negative path. You start to identify with the most recent diagnosis (because there were so many) and fill your mind and your being with thoughts and actions that feed the newest doctor’s opinion of you. When each new doctor tells you, “Jen you are an Enigma, I just can’t figure out what is wrong with you,” you start to live your label.

So how did I change my mindset from “I am sick and cannot do this” to “I can and I will do this, despite any obstacles I may face…nothing will stop me from living my purpose and fulfilling my dreams” you ask? The answer is simple. That little light inside of me just kept on trying to be seen, no matter how dim it may have gotten, it just persisted. It persisted until I couldn’t ignore it for one more second. And then I realized that no matter what my body was feeling at this present moment, I was going to do every single thing in my power to make sure that I supported myself in my pursuit of complete and vibrant health. That meant that I had to change my mindset from identifying myself to a particular illness. I realized that I had lost my own identity in the storm of trying to find some sort of normalcy around my “reality.”

But how could I change the reality that I didn’t want when my body felt so sick? That answer came to me as soon as I decided that I was not going to let illness dictate my life. And I don’t mean this in a harsh way. I had to be kind and loving to myself and to my body. Instead of fighting against my symptoms and being angry at my body for not allowing me to live the life that I so wanted to live, I had to change my mindset and when I did that, everything shifted. I went from attracting illness and everything that embodied illness, to attracting health and everything that embodied health. New opportunities came my way and I jumped in with both feet whenever something came to me that jived well with my soul. It is really true that we attract the energy that we put out to the Universe.

It is often assumed that because I’ve made the decision to stop “living my label,” that I am completely symptom free and well again. This is not the case. I am continuing on and allowing my light to shine despite anything. Yes, even the most debilitating symptoms. Every morning when I open my eyes I realize how grateful I am to be experiencing all that I am able to experience. The good and the bad. And nevertheless, I persist.

My passion is to help everyone realize that despite any obstacles they are facing, they can find true peace and happiness. Please reach out to me if you’d like me to guide you along your journey with loving arms.

Love and Blessings,

Jennifer Navara

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