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My New Chapter

Updated: May 31, 2020

4 months. 4 whole months! (122 days to be exact) And this is only the beginning. I have been so excited to share this chapter of my story in hopes that it will reach all who need to see it. My wish is that it helps someone to take their power back by putting their health into their own hands based on empowerment and intuition rather than fear. As many close to me know, I have been dealing with health challenges since early childhood. Doctor after doctor and diagnosis after diagnosis. Years and years of giving my power away to these “professionals.” Doing things their way, following their treatment protocols, their surgical suggestions, their chemical medications, and their opinions of what was happening in my body. Knowing all along that deep down something didn’t feel right with each new diagnosis and especially the grim outcomes given. My failed responses to their treatments. The perplexed expressions on their faces as they handed me yet another script or dismissed me all together and sent me to another specialist with the 🤨{insert sarcasm here}🤨

oh so endearing words “I don’t know how else to help you, Jennifer. You’re an enigma.” Traveling around the US for new specialists. New treatments. New ideas. New ways to try and stop the downward spiral of symptoms that stopped me in my tracks and kept me chained to my home as my world grew smaller and smaller. The quarantining that the world is experiencing now is nothing new to those who have dealt with and survived chronic illness. Self quarantining was our only option. When symptoms are so severe that any outside stimulation sends you down a steep slope, you have to. There is no choice. It is isolating, frightening, and lonely. 🥺 In January of 2019 I started practicing Dr. Joe Dispenza’s mediations daily. I did his workshops and read his books. I implemented it all and it’s still a part of my daily routine. I feel his work opened the door for all that’s to follow for me. All of the HUGE synchronicities, healing and miracles. 🦋 In July of 2019 I started working with an Emotion Code Practitioner whom I still work with once a week. I’m learning from her more and more every day. She’s an angel on this earth. I encourage anyone and everyone to look into Emotion Code. It’s a game changer. ️ Last August 2019, I was so extremely blessed to spend a week with one of the most amazing healers I’ve ever encountered. (A Functional Neurologist) And I’ll see him again this summer. He has been a huge catalyst for my healing. He literally handed me MY power back. He gave me the tools and empowered me with his knowledge and heart, and with this I’ve made MASSIVE strides. Now enters December of 2019. Having had intermittent severe abdominal pain for several months, and even a visit to the ER (which I avoid like the plague) last September with unbearable pain, the cause hadn’t yet been discovered. CT scans only showed ovarian cysts that hadn't seemed to change over the last few years. That was nothing new to me as I’ve had issues with endometriosis and ovarian cysts since age 20. The final diagnosis from my OB/GYN was that I must have had an ovarian torsion given the severe pain. An ovarian torsion is a condition that occurs when an ovary twists around the ligaments that hold it in place. This twisting can cut off blood flow to the ovary and fallopian tube. Big OUCH! And can often lead to emergency surgery to save the ovary. My doctor concluded that since the severity of the pain had come down after the initial ER visit, that the ovary had most likely untwisted and fixed itself. Sigh of relief. But not for long. The pain increased and became so intense that I was unable to even sit down comfortably, sleep, or even move. It was severe. And I have a very high tolerance for pain. Back to my OB/GYN for an emergency visit on December 27, 2019 for an ultrasound to determine the cause of the pain. Diagnosis: 4 ovarian cysts on right ovary equaling over 8 cm total. My ovary was the size of an orange. (Mind you I’m tiny. 105 pounds at diagnosis) Suggested treatment from OB/GYN: Surgery ASAP to remove cysts and possibly ovary. The risk of my ovary being that size, and torsion was incredibly high. It was also suggested that I take a birth control pill to chemically stop me from ovulating to ensure that the cysts will no longer grow after the surgery was complete. I knew the second that I walked out of that office that I was NOT going to do the surgery and that I was NOT going to take a chemical medication. In walks Thad Cheatham. My amazing Detox/Cellular Regeneration Coach and Iridologist. I got on the phone with him immediately after receiving the diagnosis. And this is where my next chapter begins. Overnight, (literally overnight) my lifestyle changed drastically. I stopped coffee cold turkey. (️If you know me at all, you know that coffee was my goddess juice.️) I stopped all meat/fish. I stopped all dairy. I stopped all oils. I stopped all animal products. I stopped all starches and grains. I stopped consuming salt and sugar. Overnight I became a raw vegan. Only consuming LIVING foods that supported my healing. Cell food. Yes, I’m human and I’ve not eaten perfect. I do sometimes have some steamed veggies or some veggie broth. But my eating remains completely clean. I started juicing. I started fasting. I started herbs. I started breathwork. I started lymphatic massage with essential oils multiple times a day. I started dry skin brushing. I started herbal enemas and instillations. I started detox baths. I started to live in a place of trusting the process instead of fearing life. I began speaking to my body in loving ways. I committed to moving my body multiple times every day with yoga and stretching. I continue meditating and slowing down to be present. I started tapping. I began tending to my emotions by allowing myself to feel them and move through them. And within two months, the cysts were gone. No sign of them. Completely gone. No need for a follow up. GONE. Other neurological symptoms are lifting as are many symptoms I’ve experienced since I was a child. Because I have so many years of “stuff” to let go of and release with detoxing and my new lifestyle changes, I’m still incredibly symptomatic of course. And temporarily some things do rev up during a healing crisis. I have a long way to go but I now completely trust my journey and my body’s ability and want to heal. I will no longer accept someone else’s opinion or projected or predicted outcome when it comes to my body. There are so many ways that we can heal our bodies without hurting them further with surgeries, chemicals, prescriptions, and all toxic types of treatments. 4 months. 4 whole months! (122 days to be exact) And this is only the beginning. Thank you, Thad! You are such an amazing soul, coach, mentor, friend, and light on my path. Words can not ever express my gratitude to you. I thank you and so does my family! I pray this post helps someone as I felt so called to and encouraged by others to share my story. From the bottom of my heart everyone, thank you for being with me on my journey. I have so much gratitude in my heart for all who have supported and continue to uplift and encourage me. You are appreciated and loved. Love and MASSIVE gratitude, Jennifer XOXO 🦋🦋🦋


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