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Conscious Breathing / Transformational Breathwork

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork can be defined as the use of breath awareness and conscious breathing for healing, releasing all that is stuck in the body, for personal awakening, and transformation in spirit, mind, and body. 


Using the breath, we learn to navigate the nervous system, allowing access to states of balanced energy, cellular regeneration, and deep relaxation.

The benefits of breathwork are immeasurable. From boosting the immune system to exercising the cardiovascular system, aiding in positive self-development, enhancing creativity and dealing with emotional pain and trauma. Breathwork is more than a practice of breathing correctly, but extends to a variety of embodied techniques to relax and renew, grow, and develop. Learning to breathe optimally is a skill that can be honed and refined. 


How we breathe fundamentally influences how we feel, and how we feel influences the decisions we make.

How it's done:

The breathwork practice is a two-part inhale followed by an exhale, all done while lying down on your back in a comfortable position. You may want to use an eye mask or eye pillow to help you relax more during our session. I’ll play music to help motivate the breath, then relax and release anything that’s stuck. The active breath is followed by a passive resting state to drop into deep relaxation. I’ll guide you through a short gratitude practice at the end of our session. It’s best to find a space that feels safe, where we won’t be interrupted or distracted.


I'll guide you through the experience, offering gentle grounding touch (if in-person), words of encouragement, and emotional support. It’s incredibly powerful.


I offer individual, couple, and group sessions. Our sessions can be done online via Zoom or if preferred, we can do them in person.

What you may experience:

* Abundance

* Emotional balance

* Relief from physical pain

* Connection to the divine 

* Feelings of connectedness 

* Feelings of deep inner peace

* Massive stress relief and deep relaxation

* Healing of trauma and deep-seeded grief 

* Feeling grounded and having mental clarity 

* Awakening to the truth of who you really are

* Overwhelming feelings of joy and acceptance 

* Detoxification and regeneration on the cellular level

* Discovering self love, and healing inner child wounds 

* Release of old stuck patterns, and the ability to transcend them

* Sudden breakthroughs that lead you to the life you've been dreaming of

As your breathwork facilitator, I will hold a safe space for you as I guide you through your breathwork experience.

  • Breathing sessions held online or in person

  • Ongoing email / phone support 

Breathwork is like 20 years of therapy in a single session. We release what has been stuck in the body for years, even decades. 

If you’re looking to be an active and engaged part of your own healing, breathwork is a great choice!


The practice does ask you to dig deep, show up to, and take responsibility for your own healing, with my guidance and support. It's powerful, and requires your full participation. It is one of many vital tools for navigating trauma, recovery, and healing.

Work with me



Dive deep into your own healing with a customized, One-on-One Breathwork session. Through therapeutic conversation, we tap into what’s presently holding you back and keeping you stuck individually (for one-on-one sessions) and collectively in your partnerships in the case of a Couples session. Inhale, exhale, and release in a judgment-free, neutral space.  ​

Each session comes with a customized playlist and a follow-up email with suggested guidance and some added tools for your healing toolbox. Sessions are currently offered Virtually via Zoom and if preferred, we can set up a session in your home. During this unprecedented time, Zoom sessions are working remarkably well. Because Breathwork is a self-healing practice, it lends itself beautifully to Virtual Healing in the comfort of your own home.  




I will also be offering online Group sessions, which I will create separate events for, and announce when dates become available. Group sessions are an amazing space for us to come together collectively and heal together. The energy of the Group sessions is intense and powerful. In the Group sessions I’ve personally experienced, it’s been so magical to connect with others while we breathe and let go. It’s an incredibly high vibe and filled with love and connection.

Please contact me for availability and rates. Due to so many experiencing financial hardship currently, I’m open to working with you to come up with a financial plan that works for both of us. 

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. . . like a breath of fresh air

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