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The Most Powerful Healer

is Within You

Helping to transform lives with the power of Breathwork.

Transformational Breathwork

Using the breath we learn to navigate the nervous system allowing access to states of balanced energy, cellular regeneration, and deep relaxation. 

The benefits of breathwork are immeasurable. From boosting the immune system to exercising the cardiovascular system, aiding in positive self-development, enhancing creativity and dealing with emotional pain and trauma.


Hi - I'm Jennifer

With a career in health and wellness, I have over time refined my approach to, and definition of healing. As an empath, I have learned that the best way to walk through this life is with my heart wide open, fully expressing and sharing all of the love in my heart with all of the beautiful souls I encounter. Having endured debilitating chronic illness for years, I have finally experienced the greatest breakthroughs and missing pieces of the puzzle. Take my hand as we journey together from darkness to light. 


Love Notes

"Jennifer is a gentle guide and wonderful instructor. The session was like plugging myself into a power source, that I had not fully experienced before. It was true life force energy. I felt the release of blocks that were no longer serving me and left the session with an open and grateful body, mind and soul, feeling energized and delighted."

Donna Sirlin - New York

I am a HUGE fan of Four Sigmatic products.

All Four Sigmatic products are organic, vegan, and gluten-free. Plus every single batch is third party lab tested to ensure its purity and safety-so you know you’re getting the highest quality possible. Crash-free coffee, almost an unbelievable plant protein, and other elevated magical essentials. Deliciously crafted to work wonders on your day! 

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