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I Get Knocked Down, but I Get Up Again….and Again!

The “perfect eater” just doesn't exist. I mean, let’s be honest…even the most dedicated, regimented and strong individual is only human and in being human we are constantly learning, growing and finding out what works and what doesn't work for us. In every aspect of life. Eating habits are no exception and it seems to be an area where I have required constant growth and where I am destined to learn valuable lessons. Very valuable…. especially when it comes to what feels good and what doesn't feel good for my body and make no mistake, your body will tell you what it likes and what fuels it or what drains it. If you don’t listen it will continue to scream at you until you do because food can either be your disease or your cure.

Recently, I got knocked down but I have nobody to blame but myself. I started getting really stuck in a pattern of laziness and “treating myself” as I like to say but I was doing just the opposite. I have been gluten free since 2010 when I became very sick with Chronic Lyme Disease and was debilitated due to severe symptoms. The doctors that I was seeing at the time had me do an elimination diet and cutting out gluten and most sugar made a big difference in my symptoms…both neurologically and digestive wise. I would have my “cheat” moments but always ended up regretting my little slips and quickly went back to my healthy habits. Well this time was a bit different. I had some gluten and some sugar and it appealed to me so much I did it day after day for over a week. (Bowing my head in shame as I write this) I knew as I was stuffing that warm apple crisp in my mouth that I was going to pay the price but it just tasted so darn good that I kept going. And going. And going. Until my body screamed at me “NO MORE!”

Usually I would just chalk this up to being so deserving of some fantastic tasting food but this time was different for me because once I started I seemed to be on such a roll that I didn’t want to stop. This felt like a deeper issue to me because I knew that the food that I was eating was going to make me feel like garbage so why in the heck was I continuing to go against my better judgment and suffer the ramifications that I knew were coming just so that I could have something that tasted good in the moment? The answer was because I was stressed to the max. I was running to the comfort food because I was uncomfortable in other areas of my life so these yummy foods were comforting. When I look back at the times I decided to “cheat” on my healthy eating, it always seemed to be around a time when I was experiencing a high amount of stress or some sort of high emotional time such as the holidays. I was doing what’s called Emotional Eating. What else I realized is that I am human and it’s totally okay to not be perfect all the time. Nobody is. Don’t ever let anyone convince you that they are because I have news for them, they aren’t and what is so awesome about this is that when you bring awareness to the reasons why you are eating the way that you are, you get clarity and can get yourself back on track and feeling well again.

We are constantly learning and we are here to shine our lights into this world and help others discover and shine theirs. By being real and telling our story, we inspire others to do the same. Getting knocked down doesn't mean staying there. It is an opportunity to find the bigger reason as to why we are perhaps “stuck” in a particular behavior pattern that we really don’t want to be stuck in and it gives us an amazing gift, and that gift is insight. And with that gift we can see things for what they truly are, forgive ourselves, and move on and make better choices next time. Oh and by the way, I’m back to my healthy habits and feeling better and better each day. I did get knocked down but I am choosing to get up again, and each time I’m stronger.

If you are tired of being knocked down and you would like some help getting back up again, reach out to me and let’s discuss some solutions to help make that happen!

Love and blessings,

Jennifer Navara

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